Pawan Agarwal

Pawan Agarwal 17 Jul. 2023 - Posted by: Punam Agarwal

You have many strengths.
1. Strong Resilience to the obstacles that came your way. I know of very few people (countable on finger tips of one hand) who have this quality of bouncing back no matter how low you may have fallen.
2. Frank and open with your views / opinions if “you” feel, something is incorrect.
3. Extremely knowledgeable and aware about your subjects.
4. Very strong and effective communicator of the same whether in writing (your published books are a testimony) or while conducting sessions.
5. Diligent and hard worker who, once she has set her eyes on something that needs to be accomplished – goes all out and completes it, no matter what.
You can be an effective guide with your immense knowledge on diverse topics – Reiki Healing, Leadership Training, Career Counselling, Recipe Sharing for fabulous dishes, Tarot Card advise, Numerology… There are innumerable ways you can help people.
Was a pleasure providing the feedback for a person whom I respect for her struggles and her inate ability to come out stronger each time Life has chosen to push her down. 👍