🌟 12 Strategies to Combat Workplace Favouritism! 🌟

🌟 12 Strategies to Combat Workplace Favouritism! 🌟 15 Dec. 2023 - Posted by: Punam Agarwal

Ever felt the weight of workplace favouritism affecting your morale and productivity? It’s time to take control and transform your professional journey. Whether you’re the favoured one or seeking recognition, these actionable tips will guide you to success! It helped me survive in my career journey. Hence, this share comes straight from my life’s experience.

🌈 When You’re The Favourite:

  • Challenge Yourself: Create growth opportunities, sign up for training, and volunteer for challenging assignments to enhance your skills. This gives you an edge over others and also is a clear indication that you are not sitting on your newly acquired laurels but deserve it.
  • Ask for Feedback: Seek critical feedback for continuous improvement. Build a trusted feedback loop with your boss and colleagues. It often happens that once we assume the favouritism our attitude changes towards others. Often learning or taking feedbacks from others is egoistically unacceptable. That’s where your journey starts taking a downturn. Remember, till we are open to learning we are growing… when our cup is too full learning stops…education never stops, we are never the know all till we breathe our last.
  • Share the Glory: Foster an inclusive workplace by sharing credit for team victories. Minimize conflicts and enhance collaboration. Always remember to give the credit to your team members or member who has actually given the idea or worked upon it. Bullshit can take you up the ladder but cannot keep you there for long…be honest with yourself and others. This will make you emerge as a better leader and also bring you joy. Trust me.
  • Encourage Professionalism: Leverage your favoured position to champion fair policies. Support training programs and be a role model for impartiality. Build leaders among your team members. Don’t be frightened to share knowledge with them or help them grow. With your team you will also grow eventually. Encourage professional communication and data based constructive feedbacks. This gives clarity to your team member regarding the stand taken by you. Never rely on assumptions or grapevine communication, rumours…always clarify if need be and encourage the same among your team.
  • Look Ahead: Base your career path on achievements, not just on being a favourite. Stay proactive and adaptable.

🚀 When You’re Not the Favourite:

  • Strengthen Your Skills: Focus on personal growth and increase your capacity. Put your heart into your work, regardless of immediate recognition. Learning helps you overcome your weak areas and strengthens your skills. This will help increase your performance. Identify the weak areas and work on them.
  • Advocate for Yourself: Open doors by participating actively. Increase visibility within and outside the company through meetings, reports, and innovative ideas. When you prove your skills in projects you will be noticed and if you are giving growth to the company you will soon be in the favourite circle.
  • Stay Neutral: Resist taking rejection personally. Stay friendly and helpful towards your boss. Maintain a positive attitude. Often due to rejection our body language towards the boss changes. Avoid it and work upon it. A ‘no’ is not a failure but Next Opportunity. Keep working on it. Your positive attitude will win you through.
  • Talk with Your Boss: Initiate effective communication. Request one-on-one meetings to clarify expectations and priorities. This is my best point. Whenever, I felt there was any misunderstanding I always had a one-on-one meeting with my boss and this always worked for me. It helped clarify all kinds of rumours, assumptions and doubts.
  • Seek Common Ground: Discover mutual interests with your boss. Build a positive rapport beyond professional boundaries. This is important. Unless you build rapport with your boss you won’t understand how he wants you to perform. What’s his style of working is important to merge it with yours to provide effective results.
  • Build Other Relationships: Cultivate connections beneficial to your career and job satisfaction. Network with peers and mentors for holistic growth. Now with globalization, it’s all the more important to build your network to survive in this highly competitive scenario.
  • Know Your Rights: In challenging situations, explore legal remedies. Consult an employment lawyer if you suspect discrimination or harassment.

🚀 Don’t keeping crying out like a child each time you see favouritism happening. It’s immaturity reflected clearly. You will be addressed as a ‘Cry Baby’ unable to handle Corporate Culture. Learn to Elevate Your Career, Defy Favouritism! Play it like a Business Chess Game. You cannot win it all the time. Take your winning and losing in good spirit with a smile ready for the next game with better preparation and skill advancement. In Corporate all are your friends and no one is your true friend…Some Lose some win but the Game goes on 🚀

Shield your career and well-being from workplace favouritism. Uphold professional standards, foster team spirit, and excel at your work. Your journey to success starts now! 🔥

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