I was very satisfied with my experience at Neostylus. Throughout it all, there was always a nice and attentive team member who made sure my questions were answered and my needs were met. Highly recommended.


At Neostylus, everything revolves around customer satisfaction. It’s really nice working with a business that goes above and beyond to keep you happy, and that’s exactly how I feel about my own experience.


The Reiki Healing Therapy taken from her helped save my baby. Thank you Punam and I will always be grateful to you for this.


Pranic Healing seemed just another gimmick to me till I came across Punam and experienced few sessions done by her. Its amazing and has turned me into a more positive person now. Thank you Punam and God Bless You.


In Corporate everyone is your friend but no one is your friend” This is the most important life lesson I have learnt from my Coach Punam Agarwal. The enthusiasm and energy she brings to the work that she does is motivating & commendable & her strength is that she never gives up even in the toughest situations. She always has new and fresh perspectives to all activities.I got the opportunity to be trained by her both in terms of Personality & Versatility at JRE School of Management. She is very dynamic, creative and I would love to work under her if I get another chance.


Punam Agarwal in true sense personifies professionalism.I had an opportunity to be mentored and groomed by her during my PGDM tenure. The level of energy, enthusiasm, dedication, cheerfulness and passion that she brings-in is indefatigable. Her “Never Give Up” attitude has motivated a lot of students to work towards their goals. Honestly,She would be a great asset to any team or organisation.


I have worked with Punam during my tenure with Emirates Airlines. Punam is a powerhouse of energy and displays the highest level of professionalism and team spirit at the workplace. She is able to connect with the trainees at different levels and delivers her session with passion and integrity. Charismatic, cheerful and always optimistic in nature. Punam has assisted me in developing assessment methodologies for International Recruitment assignments. Punam is dependable and is a definite value add to an organisation.


It’s rare that we come across standout talent like You Punam Ma’am. Few people have the opportunity to report to a counselor cum trainer cum coach, a very good motivator and a personal mentor—but I did when I was in my Post Graduate Diploma of Management. I had the pleasure of learning under you for two years. I was particularly impressed by your ability to handle even the toughest situations and that too effortlessly with a sweet smile on your face. That skill often takes years to develop among professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to you.And we still miss you…You would be an asset to any Organization wherever you will go.


An Adept Corporate Trainer’ is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think of Life Coach Punam Agarwal. I had the pleasure of being trained by her for five months. From the moment I met her I knew I was being up-skilled an expert. The training that I received from her has helped me standout from the crowd. It was not only in classes that I learnt from her but watching her working both as a team leader and a team facilitator was inspiring for me. I saw how she managed people and motivated even the laziest to work. The way she managed to find a solution for toughest of the problems and never gave up on them was something that astonished me. It was a wonderful experience to have got the opportunity to get trained and mentored by her.


Prof. Punam Agarwal is the epitome of professionalism. I have only had the pleasure to be mentored by her for 5 months at Universal Business School of Management but that was more than enough because her lecture deliveries and detailed attention to my personal grooming helped me become who I am today. She is punctual and energetic. She never let the energy of the grooming sessions depreciate and always welcomed ideas.

One of the good things about her, which is very rare in professors these days, is the openness to work and helping. Not only is she academically sound, but she also shows a great interest in cultural activities for the betterment of the organization.

In all honesty, she is one of the best mentors I could ever have and I strongly believe that she would be a brilliant and valuable asset to any organization in the world.


I have worked with Punam during my tenure at Emirates Flight Catering. Punam is a focussed individual with a passion for people and knowledge transfer, which makes her an ideal trainer and counselor.

During my many interactions with her, I found her to be very eloquent, dedicated to her profession, empathetic towards the needs of others, and EXTREMELY polite . She has undoubtedly contributed to the personal development of many members of staff with learning needs.


Punam is very work oriented.She is very hard working and very consistent. She provides excellent work at a very reasonable cost. She loves what she does.She would make sure that all the work is completed within the time frame. Punam is very knowledgeable. Her Interior Designing done for our Tea Gardens Estate Bungalow was loved by even our Italian and Spanish Clients.


Punam has a great knowledge about the subject, understands the requirements and gives great solutions. She ensures quality work delivered timely. The best part is very reasonable can manage the work within one’s budget. Loved the Interior Designing cum Execution and Vaastu Consultancy done by her. Great to work with. Wish her all the best in beautifying the world with her excellent skills.


Punam I love the Accessary Scarf created by you. Your designs are unique and stands out no matter where I wear it. Simply love it.


Dear Punam Mam, your training sessions are really awesome. You explain the things so well as per the concern of the trainee.


Dear Mam, you are very nice, very genuine. I really love your attitude and personality and your way towards training and for our personal life advises also. Thank you so much Mam for giving us very nice life advises in a very simple way.


A single experience at Neostylus was all it took to make me a loyal customer. From their amazing customer service to their focus on quality, I can’t find enough great things to say about their business.


Punam is a wonderful soul and makes me feel comfortable whenever I speak to her. My session with Punam for tarot reading was fantastic. throughout the session she was calm, composed and full of positivity which also boosted me up. She was patiently listening to me and answering my questions along with the suggestions. Thank you Punam. Whenever I speak to you I feel only positivity. Thank you hearing me out and filling me with positivity.

Sakshi Sharma

Training session with Punam Mam was wonderful because the contents were very useful and very logical which relates very much with day to day corporate work life as well as personal life also. Throughout the training period Punam Mam was very supportive and kind.

Basab Bijoy Pal

Trying to find your confidence, trying to know your true self, trying to find solutions to problems around you, infact trying to find your true potential, this is a perfect place for it. Punam ma’am has a talent to bring out the best from a person. And as it is said that ‘silent seas never make good sailors’ so the journey here would not be easy but One thing is assured that after being mentored by ma’am you would be a different person all together.

It was my luck to be mentored under her during my PGDM days and the confidence I got from her training has helped me face many challenges in my personal and professional life.

Tushar Agarwal

Punam is a par excellence trainer. Her workshops on cross-sell, up-sell and deep-sell are a magic mantra for retailers looking to increase productivity and sales throughout on shop floors. Her way of training is inclusive and engaging. She leaves the trainees feeling motivated, excited and energised. We worked together at Kama Ayurveda and I saw how she kept the store ambassadors motivated. Times have been difficult for retailers, and yet Punam was always there to help keep morale high. I would highly recommend her sales training programmes. Once you try it, you’ll never look back.
My best wishes always.


If you want a quality team who need constant training, motivation and all skill sets to perform their job role than you are at the right place. Punam and her Team is wonderful in helping corporates to built a high skilled and talented team. just an add on Punam is one the best mentor and coach I have ever met

Vineet Sharma

My experience with Punam was really great. We have worked in Kama Ayurveda for a few years where I learned so much from her workshops as well as personally. She’s a gem of a person. Very positive aura. Her advices have always helped me professionally. She always keeps motivating everyone to grow into a better human being. She’s a tigress. Keep shining. All the very best !


Bhaani S

She is a true motivator towards your career path and personal both. I have learned so much from her at Kama Ayurveda. Her aura and her training skills are superb. Punam is a best mentor. All the very Best.

Uttra Verma

Psychometric Assessment and Career Counseling done by Punam for my daughter was amazing. It gave clear direction and insight into my daughter’s skills helping her make the correct career subject selection. . She patiently explains and takes great interest in counseling. My daughter was very happy after her consultation. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a clear career guidance. Thank you Punam.

Madhavi Beriwal

Career Counseling along with Psychometric Assessment done by Punam ma’am hit the nail on the head. It really helped me make up my mind as to which path I should choose for a better future. The details were very true about how I am in my daily life. I would highly recommend anyone who needs career counseling to reach out to her. Best wishes for you, Thank you ma’am.

Hritika Beriwal

On behalf of entire team at ADORE, we would like to express our gratitude to you Mam for the talk on ‘Corporate Etiquette’. Your webinar was not only extremely informative but also kept everyone enthralled in their seats. The active participation during your talk is a testimony to how thrilled everyone was to listen to you speak. We sincerely thank you and look forward to having you with us again in the future.


ADORE would like to acknowledge Ms. Punam Agarwal. She joined us on 6th May, 2022 to share her wisdom and insights on the topic: Corporate Etiquette

Ms. Punam definitely met our expectations by transforming her thoughts on Corporate Etiquettes, Work Ethics, Work-Life Balance, Corporate Meetings and Valuing Everyone’s time into a thought provoking session. Her speech was dense, but lively, even colloquial. Her journey is really an inspiration for all to achieve big in life.

Simran Sharma

You can be successful if you want
You can be successful if you want
You can be successful if you want
You can be successful if you want
You can be successful if you want

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