Color Therapy Consultation

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is a form of therapy that uses color and light to treat certain mental and physical health conditions. We can trace this form of therapy back to the ancient Egyptians. They made use of sun-filled rooms with colored glasses for therapeutic purposes.

Color therapy is a safe and effective treatment and can be either be used on its own or alongside another therapy like physiotherapy or traditional medicine. Regardless of how it’s used, it is important to understand that the therapy can strongly affect the mind and body. It is considered as an Alternate Healing Therapy.

Color therapists believe that different colors in the spectrum can harmonize or rebalance the body’s inner vibrations. A color therapy session may look at ways certain colors are corresponding to aspects of your life, and invite you to talk about what that may mean.

How can you avail this service?

  • You can connect with us online or sent your request via mail or call us.
  • The sessions can be 1 or more based on the problem
  • The session is charged on per session basis -maximum an hour (+GST +Hotel +Flight+ Food+ Transport wherever applicable)