Train The Trainer Training

Training is a critical piece of the success of any organization. Improved skills, knowledge and attitude at all levels increase competency and productivity. Since you are looking into this section, it must be because you wish to improve your trainer’s proficiencies so that participants have a positive learning experience leading to results. Whether you’re looking to improve training skills for yourself, subject matter experts or SME in your organization or internal trainers, you have come to the right place for your train-the-trainer course needs.

This package consists of the following topics and the training is conducted over a period of 10 Days. It’s a combination of theory and practice.

  • 1. Train the Trainer Workshop
  • 2. Instructional Designing
  • 3. Experiential or Product Training

How can you avail this service?

  • You can connect with us online or sent your request via mail or call us.
  • The session is charged on per package basis -maximum an hour (+GST +Hotel +Flight+ Food+ Transport wherever applicable)