F&B Services

This course is specifically designed for Hotel or Food and Beverage industries where the participants need to fine tune their soft skills and customer service in this line keeping in mind the service they provide to the customers. Such programs might be designed for participants who are new to the food service industry as well as industry professionals who are looking to refresh their skills or move up to management positions. The training is conducted over a period of 10 Days. It’s a combination of theory and practice.

  1. Introduction – What is F&B?
  2. Attitude and Humbleness way of Life
  3. Customer Experience
  4. Four Principles to Live By
  5. Familiarizing with F&B Language
  6. Handling differences
  7. Managing complaints with ease
  8. Way to Serve
  9. Communication Skills
  10. Grooming Standards

How can you avail this service?

  • You can connect with us online or sent your request via mail or call us.
  • The session is charged on per package basis -maximum an hour (+GST +Hotel +Flight+ Food+ Transport wherever applicable)